How to Improve User Experience on blog or website

One of the most important things about owning a blog or website, is the amount of time it takes for your pages to load, primarily your main page.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve visited a blog and the page took to long to load, this can be a real problem and you maybe loosing readers. When I come across a slow loading blog I will just close that page and move on.

There’s nothing more frustrating then landing on someone’s website only having to wait for that page to load, this will not help boost traffic or help you gain more visitors.

There are a number of things that maybe causing this and you might have to make a few adjustments in order to improve your loading time.

Although I think we’ve all experienced this at one time or other, we sometimes feel that our pages are not loading as fast as we want them to, and in some cases you maybe right.

I’m going to list a few things I think you need to consider if your website is not responding correctly and your pages are loading slowly.

Causes for slow loading blog pages

1-Slow hosting providers and servers

It would be simple to say that we sometimes experience slow loading pages do to a server problem right? Well this maybe the cases with some people but not always the cause.

If you are using a hosting service that has slow servers, this could be a good reason your blog is loading slow, make sure you do your research before you choose your hosting provider. I’m currently using  and for the price you have to pay is well worth it.

A hosting service will never admit that their servers are running slowly because that’s bad for business, but if you see your pages are constantly loading slow then you know it must be the servers that are hosting your pages.

2-Too many open images on your page

The number one cause of slow loading websites is caused by overloading your pages with open graphics, that’s right. If you have too many ads or open images, on your pages it will slow your page down tremendously.

Some of the pages I’ve tested have very large banners at the top of their pages, this is one of the first things that will load when a visitor lands on your blog or website, so if the graphic is too large and takes a long time to load so will the rest of your website.

There’re online tools to help you reduce your banners and improve your banners loading time, here’s a helpful image optimizer by Dynamic drive, that can guild you and improve your banners.

How-to display images correctly

The good thing about WordPress is it allows you to format all your images when you use their media library and will add the correct width and height, which is very important and I will explain why.

Image dimensions:

Correct way to display images

<img alt=”RobG” src=”” width=”300″ height=”300″ />

Incorrect way to display images

<img alt=”RobG” src=””/>


Adding the correct width and height, to the images you upload and adding then to your blog post is very important because it helps your server retrieve your images quickly.

If you notice the image I’ve placed here of my profile picture is set to 300 x 300, the actual size is
600 x 600. If I don’t set a particular Width and height, it only makes it harder for your server to retrieve those images.

The reason for adding the ( Width and height ) is to help speed up the loading of any image you add to your blog or website.

3-Too many ads, Google AdSense

We all have seen blogs with ads on them right? This is also a reason for slowing down your page loading time, if you’re using too many ads on your page I would recommend limiting how many ads you place on your page in order to speed up your loading time.

If you’re using Google AdSense, you may try using ( Text ) ads instead of image displays because it will help your pages load faster using a text link.

Affiliate marketing is a primary tool used by many bloggers and can also be the cause of slow loading pages. I only use 2-affiliate banners for my blog and for the most part I don’t have any problems with my page loading slow.

But I think its safe to safe most people have more then 2-affiliate banners displayed on their blogs or websites. If you think you’re going to use a large number of affiliate ads on your blog I would suggest using a separate page for those ads to help your main page load quickly.

4-Installing too many WP- plug-ins

I think it safe to say we all love installing WordPress plug-ins correct? But did you also know that this may be slowing down your blogs loading time?

Each time we install a plug-in it’s not just installed in your WordPress dashboard but it’s also installed in your hosting account as well. This means your hosting provider and servers has to work a little bit harder each time you install a new plug-in.

When ever you install a plug-in it’s stored in the following directory public_html/wp-content/plugins/, your server has to provide you with the correct speed in order to load each plug-in and that can sometimes over load their servers causing slow loading websites.

WordPress W3 total cache

You can check your loading time by using a number of online tools; WPGAZE.COM has provided a helpful list that will allow you to check your speed and loading time.

WordPress developers provide some very helpful plug-ins that will also increase the performance of your website and improve your loading time.

One plug-in that comes to mind is W3 total cache, this simple, but yet FREE! Plug-in that will Optimize your blog and works while you’re sleeping, it will help your blog or website run more efficient, just set it up and it will do the rest.

If you would like to know what other people are saying about this very effective plug-in you can read about it here, w3 total cache reviews.

Test your loading time

I recently testing my blogs loading time with this helpful little free online tool called –, this tool shows you how well your website is performing along with a few others details.

After reviewing the results from this test I’m really pleased to know that my blog is performing well with a loading time of 1.79.s, now considering I have about 100, blog post and about 15-plug-ins, along with hundreds of images stored on my server I’m very pleased with the out come.

See how well your website performs

Take the test to see how well your site is performing and post your results below by accessing this link– we can try to figure out what we can do to help you improve.

Is your blog loading time accurate?

And would you like to improve the speed of your website?

If you would like to share your thoughts with us on this topic 
By all means do so; I would love to know what you think.

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